Who are we?

Today we had an exciting demonstration by our school’s Strings teacher. She explained the wonderful opportunity grade 4/5 students have to learn a string instrument of their choice (violin, viola, cello, etc.).  Each student had a chance to play an instrument she brought into class today.

We also had a school assembly and a visit from our librarian, Mr. Koning, who introduced some technological considerations for the year and handed out permission forms for G Suite.

Following up the learning from last Friday, we discussed the scientific explanation behind our silver experiment.

Our feature activity today was an Arts Education/Career Education exploration of the theme of personal identity. Beginning with the question “Who are you?”, we brainstormed and analyzed the multitude of ways people begin to define themselves–from simply offering their name, to descriptions of societal roles, listing off favourite things and preferences, etcetera.

The students engaged in partner dialogue and whole class discussion and then began work on their own “Heart Maps” and “Identity Mind Maps” to creatively express their unique identities. The students watched my demonstration of how a Heart Map may be created and they viewed various past student examples. Minimum criteria for the project was presented, with students invited to make their own best creative choices and go beyond the basics to showcase who they are in a deeper way.


Please Share Your Ideas, Questions, Comments, etc.

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