Writing Bonanza!

Today, after a rousing block of ABL (Activity Before Learning) in the gym, we dove into our new writing program.  We set up our new Writing Duotangs and reviewed a rubric showing the criteria for strong written work.  We introduced an “Editing Checklist” and a standardized “Proofreading Code” that we will use in class to streamline our editing process.  We discussed how we are all writers and that we can transform any piece of writing into something extraordinary through the power of editing and rewriting.  We noted the various peer and teacher supports we have in our class and at school.We can feel the excitement already–every single student is going to grow by leaps and bounds in his/her writing this year!

“If you had the power to time travel, where would you go and why?” After a small group discussion on this question, students took 15 minutes to independently produce a 1-paragraph writing sample to express their answers.


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