Building Together!

On Tuesday, September 18th, our theme for the day was “collaboration”. We had a STEM building challenge using two types of noodles: dried linguine and pool noodles. The students worked together to create structures according to criteria they chose (e.g. a “strong” tower, a “creative” structure, etc.) and they debriefed their process and results afterward. Later we discussed the features of an effective collaborative process in the Learning Commons with Mr. Koning and reviewed and analyzed video recordings of our collaborative process the previous week. Great insights by the students! We also made beautiful progress on our Heart Maps and Identity Maps.



  1. Nate had a lot to say about this topic after reading the book with you at school. I was impressed with the knowledge he has gained from your discussions and his understanding of the depth of importance of the subject mattter, thank you for addressing Orange shirt day in such a meaningful way.

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    1. This is wonderful to hear! It is heartwarming to see the depth of compassion and reflective abilities of our students. Iā€™m so glad to learn that the dialogue continues beyond the school. šŸ™‚


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