Hello, friends! Thanks for joining me at “Finding Your Question: Tools, Strategies, and a Roadmap” at CONNECT 2017!  I’d love to know how this session went for you, so thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts below! (If you attended my session but missed out on the free e-book, please send me an email before May 15th,  and I will email it to you–after that, the e-book is being turned into a video course you can check out!)



  1. Thank you again for your presentations at Connect 2017. I was wondering if the video “100 project ideas” is available to be used by others. I think this might make my life much easier!! And help my high school students become more creative! Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Your presentation at Connect 2017 was very eye-opening. Especially the importance of pausing 5 seconds for a response, taking the time to allow for questioning and realizing that questions can strategically lead to deeper learning. Thank you and good luck with your baby!!!

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  3. Awesome Key Note!…thank you for helping to free people to wake up to their lives and question! Also, I love how your philosophic training pokes through even when addressing a public audience 😉

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