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Tiffany Poirier (a.k.a. the “Inquiry Ninja”) is a national award-winning educational leader, author-illustrator, and speaker who believes that “every child has a gift for the world.” She is passionate about growing organizations as cultures of inquiry where individuals feel seen, heard, inspired and empowered to contribute to the world.

IMG_5263HER STORY: Tiffany began her search for meaning at age five, after losing her father in a helicopter crash. Her passion for big questions drew her to the academic discipline of philosophy, which she first encountered as a student in the Theory of Knowledge course in the International Baccalaureate program. After degrees in philosophy and education, she fell in love with teaching in her first role as a K-7 gifted education specialist. To empower her students to tackle their own big questions, she wrote and illustrated a children’s book, Q is for Question: An ABC of Philosophy. She soon developed new strategies for facilitating inquiry and philosophical dialogue with students. Tiffany presented a TEDx talk on the “Power to Question” and has shared pedagogical vision and strategies through various CBC radio interviews, a CBC radio documentary, her Youtube channel and her published articles. A sought-after keynote speaker, Tiffany inspires educators and leaders across the country with her dynamic and creative presentations such as: Way of the Inquiry Ninja, The Question Toolbox, and 10 Tips for Richer Classroom Dialogue. Tiffany’s innovative work has garnered press coverage and accolades, including the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Tiffany has been a vice principal and district-based administrator with the Greater Victoria School District since 2015, and she is the mom of three wonderful boys.


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Boy, I wish I had a teacher like [Tiffany] in grade four or five—might have helped me pass arithmetic as well as understand philosophy!

Michael Enright, CBC Radio Broadcaster, The Sunday Edition

“Ms. Poirier…I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, and the organization you represent, for the time, energy and expertise that you have devoted to [The Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence]…Thank you for taking part in the Prime Minister’s Awards selection process and for your commitment to excellence in education in Canada.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

“[Tiffany,] your uncompromising dedication to teaching inspires our students and helps them to succeed.  You are model of excellence whose high standards inspire your colleagues, parents, and your students…Thank you for your contribution to education in Canada.  You are a source of pride and inspiration for educators across the country.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

“Tiffany Poirier is an extraordinary teacher whose passion, creativity, and commitment to her work are unparalleled. She practices the current focus in gifted education, that of ‘gift creation,’ through her efforts to find every child’s unique abilities and foster those abilities in innovative, caring ways. Her encouragement of deep thought and reflective questioning and her own joy in learning encourage her students to reach for the stars.”

Marion Porath, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus, UBC

“Tiffany Poirier is an exemplary teacher, researcher, writer, and educational leader. When I supervised Tiffany’s Master of Education capstone project, I was constantly amazed by her creative and energetic scholarship. Tiffany is consistently creative, critical, interrogative, articulate, independent, thoughtful, and diligent. Her research and writing are characterized by carefully planned goals, meticulous attention to details, and engaging discussion of educational implications. In all her teaching and writing, Tiffany sings with the voices of enthusiasm and commitment and hope.”

Carl Leggo, Ph.D., Professor, UBC

“I am thrilled about [The Teaching Coats] project, and honored to have some words that I wrote associated with it! These ‘Teaching Coats’ are a marvelous artistic translation of some ancient wisdom: I’m quite certain I’m going to have to make one for myself!…Tiffany’s students are lucky to have her.”

Parker J. Palmer, Author of “The Courage to Teach”

“Poirier brings passion to any conversation, especially one touching on teaching… She has flashing eyes, a clever sense of humour, and a rapid-fire patter that no doubt enraptures even unruly classrooms.”

Tom Hawthorn, Writer, Torch Magazine

“Tiffany Poirier takes inquiring minds beyond the classroom in just the ways that prepare her students for engagement in the world they do and will encounter in the rest of their lives. All innovations start in the mind, and building curious minds is what Tiffany’s teaching is all about.”

Rob Wilson, Ph.D, Professor, University of Alberta

“Boy, I wish I had a teacher like [Tiffany] in grade four or five—might have helped me pass arithmetic as well as understand philosophy!”

Michael Enright, CBC Radio, The Sunday Edition

“…it is clear that you are passionate about your role as a facilitator of learning.  Engaging your students in inquiry-based, hands-on learning will empower them to explore their own big questions for lifelong learning.  British Columbia is fortunate to have teachers like you working with our students.  Again, congratulations Tiffany on your well-deserved honour, and, on behalf of all BC teachers, thank you for your hard work and commitment.”

Jim Iker, President of the BCTF (British Columbia Teachers Federation)

“Ms. Poirier, on behalf of Surrey City Council, it is my distinct pleasure to extend special congratulations upon receiving the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. The students entering your classroom each year will jointly share in this award, having the opportunity to shape their futures by way of your guidance and education philosophy.”

Dianne Watts, MP and former Mayor of Surrey

“Q is for Question is a marvellous resource for those interested in leading philosophical discussions with children. Presenting a wide range of philosophical issues in charming and witty rhymes, it is sure to delight children and their elders as well as spark debates about the most elemental matters. Tiffany Poirier is to be congratulated for her wonderful achievement!”

Thomas Wartenberg, Ph.D, Professor, Mount Holyoke College

“[Tiffany,] our province is fortunate to have teachers like you who will help British Columbia continue to prosper and grow.  Thank you for your commitment to enriching the lives of students in British Columbia.”

Peter Fassbender, former BC Minister of Education

Tiffany Poirier is the teacher every single one of us wishes we had!

Dylan Wilks, Creative Director of TEDxVictoria