Tiffany Poirier and Inquiry Ninja provide online courses, as well as speaking, consultative, and coaching services.

  • Speaking/Workshops/Facilitation – Please contact to discuss your needs.
  • Academic Enrichment – Consultation and coaching for students, parents, and teachers (K-12).
  • Personal Interest Projects – Consultation and coaching for students, parents, and teachers in project-based learning (design, planning and management).
  • TEDx Coaching – Consultation and coaching to help you refine your idea, prepare an application package and polish your presentation.
  • Q is for Question – Book talks for school classrooms.

 EMAIL: Email Tiffany directly at

SOCIAL MEDIA: Reach out on Twitter @TiffanyPoirier

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  1. You have many talents and making websites is definitely one of them. I am very lucky to have as a teacher this year and so are the rest of my classmates and so is Northridge school.

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  2. I like the visual to express ideas about inquiry. I was wondering about the inquiry examples in the promotion for the 100 ideas. I noticed many qualities of inquiry but I am wondering about the big ideas and disciplinary thinking that is inherent in the investigation. I believe that these aspects make the inquiry worthwhile.


  3. Hi Tiffany,
    I enjoyed your presentation today in Abbotsford and loved your videos. I’m hoping you can share your technique for creating them.

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    1. Hello Anon., I believe we chatted today. Yes, the animated videos I make are created with this fun but not-too-professional method:
      (1.) Illustrate graphics with sharpie on plain typing paper.
      (2.) Photograph graphics and upload to iPhoto to tweak (i.e. increase contrast and make black/white)
      (3.) Import edited photos to powerpoint and arrange in a sequence for movie.
      (4.) Export powerpoint slides as jpegs.
      (5.) Import jepgs to iMovie to manipulate to match a voiceover I record in garageband.


  4. Ms.Poirier you are the best person in whole wide world and this website is Super awesome just like you and I love inquiry so anyone interested in doing this course GO FOR IT! YOU WILL LOVE IT!

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