Q is for Question: An ABC of Philosophy

This illustrated non-fiction philosophy book for young people is about life’s most important questions. Through thought-provoking and playful verse, Q is for Question asks open-ended questions that guide a us to discover, debate and articulate our own true beliefs.

Could you be a philosopher? Are you searching for answers? Many of them live inside you—all you need are the right questions to set them free. Let Q is for Question guide you on a journey inside your own mind and heart. Unearth your deepest thoughts and dearest beliefs: Who are you? Why are you here? What matters most in this universe? Q is for Question is a critical thinking book. Let it inspire your exploration of philosophical ideas such as EXISTENCE, FREE WILL, HAPPINESS and more. So think it over. Think out loud. Think with a friend. It’s never too early, or too late, to discover the great human joy of philosophical contemplation!

Published by O Books, May 15, 2009. Buy now on AMAZON and at other fine book retailers.

Q is for Question is a marvellous resource for those interested in leading philosophical discussions with children. Presenting a wide range of philosophical issues in charming and witty rhymes, it is sure to delight children and their elders as well as spark debates about the most elemental matters.” 

-Thomas Wartenberg, PhD, Professor of Philosophy, Mount Holyoke College,
Author of Existentialism: A Beginner’s Guide

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Autumn 2009 Edition