Sharing stories of inquiry can teach us, inspire us and show us new ways our own inquiry journeys could unfold. Explore the video examples below to see how varied the inquiry process can be…

QUESTION: “What should we do with these extra marshmallows?” (Guided Inquiry)

QUESTION: “Who are the Salish peoples?” (Structured Inquiry)

QUESTION: “What kind of a magical coat would a time traveller wear?” (Guided Inquiry)
QUESTION: “How would I make an earthquake-themed game that we could play in Physical Education class?” (Independent Inquiry)
QUESTION: “How would you make a mud pie?” (Guided Inquiry)
QUESTION: “What would it be like if all the gravity was sucked out of school?” (Guided Inquiry)
QUESTION: “How would you build the best ‘high profit’ hotel?” (Structured Inquiry)
QUESTION: “How would you create a pet monster out of recycled fabric?”
QUESTION: “How can I personally hand cut my big slabs of natural soap into perfectly uniform bars without getting too tired or spending thousands of dollars on some expensive industrial machine?” (Independent Inquiry)