EMJS Leadership

How will you be a leader

at École Margaret Jenkins School?

You could be a leader in your own way! Come join our monthly lunchtime mini-conferences to learn more!

EMJS LEADERSHIP offers a series of lunchtime mini-conferences for students in grade 5 who are looking to grow their skills as leaders while making a difference at our school.

How do I join EMJS Leadership? If you are interested, please work with you parents to apply using the Google Form Application here: CLICK TO APPLY.

What will I do as a part of “EMJS Leadership”? Every Leadership mini-conference will be different! For example, we may start with dialogue around a big question (like “How can we make EMJS a better place?”). Then, together we will brainstorm, dream, plan, and take actions to make our school better. Students in EMJS Leadership will get special opportunities to have their voices heard by giving speeches, making videos, creating collaborative artworks, and more. A few students who show exceptional commitment (and complete additional training with Ms. Poirier) may earn the distinguished honour of becoming “Playground Leaders”. Playground Leaders donate their time once a week during morning and lunch recess to organize games and special activities for younger students.

How many “EMJS Leadership” days can I attend? You are invited to attend as many meeting as you would like! We believe that leadership takes times and practice to develop. So you are encouraged to attend often!

When and where does the “EMJS Leadership” take place? Join Ms. Poirier and other students leaders in the covered courtyard at lunch recess, from 11:56am-12:31pm on the following days this school year:

  • Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 in Ms. Poirier’s classroom in Room 2 – “How can we make EMJS a better place?”
  • Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 in the covered courtyard (see photo below) – “What are YOUR skills as a leader?”
  • Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 in a location TBA – “What does it take to become a great EMJS Playground Leader?”
Leadership meetings take place in either Ms. Poirier’s class in (Room 2) or outdoors in the covered courtyard. Listen to the announcements and/or check this website for details.