The Power to Question

DESCRIPTION: What are the strategic questions you can ask yourself and your teams to unlock brilliant new ideas and drive success forward? This session, based on my TEDx talk, goes further into how we can learn to harness and strengthen our innate power to question and how we can create safe spaces for questioning—what I like to call “Question Cultures”.  When we do this, we see our organizations, schools, and communities are places we find greater collaboration, innovation, and deeper meaning.

DETAIL: How can a question change the world? Why are the big questions philosophers have asked for millennia ever-relevant in the modern era? What can leaders learn from the natural questioning tactics of children? In this session expanding upon her TEDxVictoria talk, educator and author Tiffany Poirier goes further into strategies for how strengthen our innate power to question to inspire innovation, drive success, and help us find deeper meaning. Arguing that great questions are the seeds of new ideas, Tiffany shows how we can tend to questions like gardeners, fostering ideal conditions for the growth of fresh solutions and wisdom. By cultivating our schools, organizations, and communities as “Question Cultures”, we organically evolve diversity-strengthened hotbeds of talent, collaboration, learning, and transformation