Hi, I’m Tiffany Poirier, Vice Principal of EMJS!

Dear students, parents/guardians, educators and staff of École Margaret Jenkins School:

Welcome back to school, 2021-2022! I am so excited to join École Margaret Jenkins School as your new Vice Principal and grade 4/5 teacher. I feel very lucky to join this incredible learning community and to work alongside our caring teachers and support staff and our wonderful principal, Mr. Hansen. I can’t wait to get to know each of you–please always feel free to stop me and say “hello”!

About me, I am a mom of three boys (ages 10, 4, and 2.5) , and I am passionate about exploring big questions and creating things! I believe every child has infinite gifts for the world, and helping children discover their gifts fills me with happiness. I am a children’s author and professional speaker, and I love doing art, running, music, playing guitar and singing, animals, paddle boarding, hiking, learning about local native plant life, logic puzzles, leadership studies, the idea of time travel, vintage things, drinking tea and growing dahlias in my garden. To learn more about my interests and background, I invite you to explore the tabs on my website: You might also follow me on Twitter @TiffanyPoirier or on Instagram @Tiffany_Poirier or check out this video…

BLOG AUDIENCE: I will write this blog aimed largely at my students and their families. The purpose of the blog is to share insight into the learning happening in our classroom. Since this blog is PUBLIC, no identifying student information or identifying photos/videos of students will be shared on this blog unless there has been advance written permission from both a student and his/her parent/guardian.  (In other words, if you ever see a student and their work on this blog, it is because both the student and his/her parent have requested to share their work and have agreed to share it on this blog in writing.) 

WHAT WILL THIS BLOG FEATURE?  This blog will share my reflections as an educator and give a window into the types of learning activities and assignments we are exploring.  I will post pictures of the wonderful and interesting projects happening in our class (with no identifying student information).  I will also post links to relevant educational content like articles, videos, books, websites, and other resources that my grade 4/5 students and their families may enjoy as it relates to our learning.

Let’s have a wonderful start to our school year!


Ms. Tiffany Poirier, Vice Principal & Grade 4/5 Teacher


Questions, Questions, Questions!

Today we explored and deepened our self-knowledge and ability to ask big questions.

We learned about the “Multiple Intelligences”, and identified our top three areas of passion and skill. We took turns practicing our public speaking skills as we shared our reasons for identifying more closely with certain intelligence areas.

The students brainstormed their own big questions for our question wall.

As well, we began to explore what science is and what it means to think like a scientist. Students brainstormed their own scientific questions and observations as we did an experiment dipping silver objects into buckets of boiling water with aluminum foil and baking soda.