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What is inquiry-based learning—and why can’t anyone seem to explain it in 60 seconds or less? This session brings inquiry to life using the “4 Vehicles” analogy and offers examples, resources, activities and project ideas to help you quickly get started facilitating learning like an “Inquiry Ninja”. For the finale, audience members co-create their unique takeaway gift: an e-book titled “100+ Examples of Inquiry”. You can explore the bonus content for this session if you sign up for the MEMBERS AREA.

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100 examplesLet’s create something awesome together! Describe an inquiry-based lesson, activity, game, or project you have done–or plan to do–with your students (Structured Inquiry or Guided Inquiry). Or describe an Independent Inquiry you or one of your students has done or will do. Try to keep it between 50-250 words. Your example will be published in our e-book titled, “100+ Examples of Inquiry”.  See the examples in the slide show below.

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  • $100 Chapters Gift Card(1 Winner)
  • Q is for Question: An ABC of Philosophy, personalized copy – (2 Winners)
  • $10 Starbucks Gift Card(3 Winners)
  • “100+ Examples of Inquiry” E-Book + the joy of co-creating something awesome – (Every Entrant)

***CLICK THE SLIDE SHOW to see some examples of how you could write up short paragraph or two describing an inquiry-based project or activity:

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