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After enjoying an awesome online course about storytelling for leadership with David Hutchens, I felt inspired to get to work unearthing and reflecting on some stories from my life.  The first six stories below, I just recorded this week after taking David’s course, and the other three are from other recent speaking engagements.  Thank you for watching–and thank you for leaving any comments below each video (e.g. your reactions, connections, advice for how to improve the storytelling, your own stories, etc.)

Head Cheese

The time my grade 3 teacher brought our “Pioneers” unit to life through activities that awakened our five senses.

The Last Sunflower Seed

How I went from being the “bad kid” in detention for talking too much to an educator who actually teaches students how to speak out.

Kelsey’s Gift

The day a soulful student with special needs shattered stereotypes and inspired her class during “Two-Minute Talent Show”.

Mouse Mommy

How my fiasco with a secret box of pet mice taught me at age 9 about true leadership in tough times.


Fibonacci Fever

When a magical set of numbers and some pinecones and revealed to me the secret power of co-learning.

Fake Hair Affair

When my fake Rapunzel lie cost me Prince Charming, but revealed a lesson about the beauty of authenticity.

Teleportation Station

On a “guerilla inquiry” mission to make a Teleportation Station, my students said, “Make Jesus pop out!”—but the major revelation that day was seeing children’s relentless curiosity in action.

Christopher Climbing

He took forever to climb the school staircase, but this grade three boy changed my life in an instant, inspiring me as a teacher to make every classroom moment count.

Big Questions

A childhood trauma and my father’s surprising last gift left to wonder about the meaning of life—and led to me discover my passion.

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