Watercolour Painting, Writers Workshop, & Handball

We had a fun and busy Monday! We started our day with Language Arts, analyzing and evaluating four samples of writing using our new Proficiency Scale rubric. We had lots of great debate about what makes a quality piece of writing, and we checked our understanding against the rubic. We also practiced how to give one another constructive feedback and editing advice in ways that are honest, helpful and kind. (More on this in the future!)

Then, in Art, we experimented with creating gradations of colour and we created a colour scales using watercolour paint.

After a game of Handball in the gym, we returned to our Art lesson to try applying a “wet on wet” watercolour painting technique to create realistic looking apples. This is a continuation of an interdisciplinary unit exploring the uses, biology, history, and cultural significance of apples. Last week we researched apples using a variety of online sources, and we also began to build vocabulary in preparation to write “5 senses poems” about apples.

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