Hummingbird Lessons

Welcome back, division 2! It’s wonderful to see you again. Today we began with discussing important reminders about how we can keep one another healthy through social distancing in class, wearing our masks consistently and washing our hands frequently.

Parents and guardians, we thank you for helping students to do their daily health checks and to remember to bring to their masks (and keep 1-2 back-up masks in backpacks at all times).

Please stay home if you have signs of illness. I will provide catch up work for students if desired. Please check in with this blog on days you are absent to see what we explored in class. I will not post every day but I will try to post more often now to keep students who are at home feeling connected.

Today we read aloud the story “Flight of the Hummingbird” that features illustrations by Haida artist Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas. Then we watched this video illustrating the book:

Students also read some interesting science facts about these small, mighty birds and completed some connected language arts activities. Then, they painted their own beautiful hummingbirds.

We also introduced cursive writing today. Students were challenged to write their own first and last names in cursive in a clear and legible way. We discussed how there is literacy value in being able to read scripted text and how a unique cursive signature may develop over time.

TODAY’S HOMEWORK: I asked students to retell “Flight of the Hummingbird” to a family member at home this evening and to share what they believe the message of the story is. We will be focussing more on oral language skills in term two (public speaking and storytelling), and so it’s helpful for students to begin practicing these skills at home.

Please Share Your Ideas, Questions, Comments, etc.

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