Leadership, Divisibility & More Math Stories

Highlights of the wonderful thoughts shared by our young leaders in div. 2! (Privacy Note: No names, no faces, and no identifying comments or sensitive content are ever shared to protect anonymity.)

Today in division 2, the students had a powerful dialogue in response to this question: What is a leader? I was so moved and impressed by the maturity of everyone’s reflections. We are beginning to think more about leadership as it connects to our Career Education curriculum, especially as we look for ways to practice leadership skills though our Personal Interest Projects. As well, students made connections to past Social Studies learning by naming notable historical leaders.

Moving towards sharpening our storytelling and speaking skills, we also considered some leadership story frameworks. For example, we played with a “mentoring” story framework called “When I was Yoda” that is one of the classic plot archetypes discussed by storyteller and business writer David Hutchins in his book, “Circle of the 9 Muses: A Storytelling Field Guide for Innovators and Meaning Makers”.

In math, we learned about divisibility rules and some students chose to explore an enrichment lesson introducing exponents. Then in the afternoon we continued on with making and sharing math stories. There were also a few fun chess games played today!

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