Storymaking & Leadership Essays Continued…

Yesterday in division two we took some time to really focus on the structure of a well-written story. We analyzed “A Team Like No Other” and mapped out its key elements on a “story map” template. Together we identified the setting, the characters, the main events in sequence, the problem, the solution and the ending. Students had a chance to practice retelling the story in their own words both at school and at home later as homework in order to continue building confidence as skills as storytellers.

Later that day, students used their creativity in teams to create and present new mathematical versions of the story from the morning during our Math Stories block. The challenge was to find ways to embed at least 3 math questions (using a variety of operations) into a story retelling in a way that was natural and faithful to the plot.

In the afternoon we focused on editing our “Leadership Essays” with peer support. Students practiced using editing marks and offering constructive feedback. The wonderful Ms. Holman joined us for this lesson to provide support and new helpful ideas to grow our writing practices. Students were challenged to decide upon at least one new big ideas to add and develop into a full paragraph for our next editing session. We will continue to edit and build upon these essays until they are polished examples of our best work—then we will read them aloud in class for public speaking practice. Some students, with parent permission, may choose to go on to create a video version of their essays in the style of a “TED Talk”.

Please Share Your Ideas, Questions, Comments, etc.

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