Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! Today in division 2 we wrapped up our unit on multi-digit multiplication. Students have brought home their quizzes today with a note, and I’ve requested that they do their corrections as homework and return the quizzes with corrections to me on Friday. (They can rewrite the questions on a separate piece of paper or write on the same quiz sheet.) I’ve also asked that students analyze their work and get clarity on where they may be making errors. For example, are they simply forgetting their items tables? Do they forget the steps in multi-digit addition? Is it just a matter of needed to print and line up numbers more neatly so they can read their own writing? Students are able to rewrite this quiz in two weeks if they would like, and I ask that that they practice at home in preparation if that is their choice to rewrite.

In social studies today, we defined “continent” and watched this video, and they added continent and colony to their personal Social Studies Glossary pages.

Then, students had a sneak peak at our upcoming unit on the fur trade. I shared a big picture overview of the story of European’s contact with Indigenous peoples of North America in the 1500s. Students also reviewed the Nelson textbook

We also did a lesson and a group game to make sure we are clear on the difference between the following homophones: there, their, they’re

Students also completed their animal art to pair with their paragraphs from last week.

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