Multiplication Bingo, Capitals & End Marks

Here is a fun KEVA plank construction students made during ADST time today.

Hello division 4 families,

Today we began to put together our portfolios of our best work. It is amazing how much we have accomplished together already! As well, the grade 5s enjoyed a presentation by our new Strings teacher.

In Math, we have been reviewing the concepts of place value, telling time, and math facts (+, -, x, and ÷). A fun way we have been practicing multiplication facts is with Multiplication Bingo!

I have requested students bring their math duo-tangs home to review in preparation for the quiz we will have this Friday as a formative assessment. Students who need extra time and supports will be accommodated, and all students will be challenged in ways that are appropriate for their learning needs. We spend a lot of time in the minutes and days in advance of any quiz discussing mindset and strategies for success. Students are aware that they can demonstrate their learning in many ways beyond testing, especially through in class participation.

After any quiz, students are always welcome to (1.) do their quiz corrections, (2.) get more teaching support at school and at home, and then (3.) do a quiz rewrite. Alternatively, students may also demonstrate their math understanding in one-to-one “math meetings” with me instead of doing a quiz rewrite.

In Language Arts today, we focussed on finishing our “Five Senses Autumn Poems” and “Rock Garden Poems”.

As well, we reviewed “end marks” (punctuation at the ends of sentences), and we went deeper with the rules of capitalization. The video below provides an overview.

For extra practice, you could ask your child to correct the following sentences* to add capitals and end marks:

i would love to go to paris, france

we live in victoria, british columbia

“joanne, can you please tell mom i want her to pick me up at oaklands elementary today”

did you see kathy and marco at hillside mall yesterday

watch out for the falling rocks

*See the bottom of yesterday’s blog post about “Bubble Science” for the answers.

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