5 Senses: Exploring Lemons

Hello, division 4 families!

Tangy! Sour! Sweet! This week we enjoyed testing and reflecting upon our five senses with a Language Arts and Science inquiry starring lemons.

The students continue to practice creating mind maps as a way to collect and organize their sensorial observations. As well, we worked together to model practical strategies for making that creative leap from data to poetry.

Another science class component was practicing safe and hygienic handling of materials. Students took turns ā€œdissectingā€ the lemon with a butter knife, using proper technique. New vocabulary we learned included pith, pulp, citrus, acidic, and membrane.

As you can read below, our young writers continue to apply their poetic skills and literary devices to make lovely poems.

Congratulations and a huge thanks to all Terry Fox Run participants and fundraisers! Awesome collaborative effort to create these Terry Fox-themed running shoes, too!

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