Metaphors & Practice Quiz

Hello, Division 4!

Today we did a “practice quiz” on subtraction. Students marked their own quizzes, and I demonstrated how to find each answer. Students brought home their quizzes to share with family today.

Please remind your child to keep practicing subtraction at home. Thank you for observing your child solve a few subtraction questions before Thursday if possible. For example, ask your grade 4 child to solve 8934 – 1831 and 1900 – 7496. For grade 5s, ask your child to solve 67 291 – 39 282 and 22 021 – 4872.

NOTE: Many students have been using the “traditional algorithm/method” for efficiency since this is what they have been taught previously and the method they are most comfortable with for multi-digit numbers. However, there are other subtraction strategies we’ve touched on and which we will explore further. This video gives an overview of other subtraction strategies, including compensating, give & take, and decomposing numbers. LINK: Here is yet another subtraction strategies video showing the add-up method and using an open number line. LINK: It’s not necessary to review these alternative methods now, but I link to them so you can see options and preview alternative pathways we will be exploring more in the future.

Today we also played another fun game of Multiplication Bingo to keep sharp.

In Language Arts, we reviewed figurative language again: simile and metaphor. Students sorted a stack of mixed examples of simile, metaphor, and non-figurative language. Then they had the chance to create and share their own similes and metaphors. *Ask you child to give you an example of each.

We spent the last hour of the day reviewing sketching and watercolour painting techniques as each student worked on a painted portrait of the animal they have been researching. There will be more lovely examples of student work posted on Monday!

Please Share Your Ideas, Questions, Comments, etc.

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