BEDMAS, Armadillos, “I Am” Poems & Self Portraits

Hello, division 4 families!

ARMADILLO DAY: Today our reading comprehension activities centred on the topic of armadillos and students made some charming pencil sketches as a bonus activity. You may want to ask your child, “What did you learn today about armadillos?”

QUIZZES: This week, students wrapped up the Rounding unit in math, and they brought home their quizzes to share with their families. (See the answer key below.)

REPORT CARD REFLECTIONS: The students were involved in our end-of-term self-reflection process this week. They had a chance to preview and meet with me about their report cards, and they wrote reflection pieces that will be included with the reports. It’s important to me that students understand they are partners in their learning and assessment of their progress. Report cards are not about a “grade”—they are a chance to be specific about where good progress is happening and where to focus more support and effort. I am very proud of our students for all they have learned this term.

SPELLING: Division 4 students helped build our spelling word study list today. Please below…

MATH ENRICHMENT: I invite all students who enjoy math to try “Math Challenge” sheets and explore our special collection of math games and books. Every math lesson is differentiated and personalized for students to cover (a.) any necessary review content from earlier grades, (b.) grade 4 and grade 5 curriculum targeted as needed, as well as (c.) higher order thinking provocations and math learning extensions. As well, this week in our “Sneak Peek at Middle School Math” activities, we centred learning on how to use exponents and follow the order of operations (BEDMAS). See the image below for a sample of the question types and see the videos below for a review of this advanced content.

“I AM” POEMS & SELF PORTRAITS: We are so excited to have finished and posted the students’ beautiful and profound metaphorical “I am” poems. I will post close up photos tomorrow. You will be enchanted and inspired—these works are truly creative and deeply meaningful!

Please Share Your Ideas, Questions, Comments, etc.

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