Eagles, Decimals, Polygons, SEL & Cardboard Creativity…

Hello, division 4 families!

It was wonderful to see so many folks enjoying our classroom and celebrating our students learning yesterday in Student-Led Conferences! Thank you for sharing this time with us!

Today became extra special when FOUR EAGLES spent several minutes swooping low over our school! Everyone was thrilled!

Here are some more highlights of our recent learning…

In Math, students have continued to explore identifying, comparing, sorting, adding and subtracting decimals. We try to do this in hands-on ways where possible—students have enjoyed our “Decimal Boxing Match” game lately.

We have also started working with polygons: identifying and classifying.

In Language Arts, we continue to edit and polish the time travelling cat stories. As well, we returned to our learning of “parts of speech” by having silly fun with “Mad Libs”. Lots of laughs!

As well, our room is brimming with cardboard projects and creativity since we have students doing their playground design inquiry, board game design project, and “Time Machine” building!

We have also continued our “SEL” (Social Emotional Learning) lessons with Mrs. Ritchie to explore our emotions, self-regulation strategies, and communication skills.

Please Share Your Ideas, Questions, Comments, etc.

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