Sorting Sentences

Today in Div. 2, we continued our inquiry into this question: “What are the ingredients of a well-formed sentence?”

The Process
(1.) We worked together in groups to brainstorm fun sentences (intentionally writing a range of very simple to complex sentences).
(2.) We shuffled and redistributed the piles of sample sentences.
(4.) Teams analyzed and discussed the merits of each sentence and evaluated them using a “Proficiency scale” rubric.
(5.) Students explained their choices and reflected on learning.

NOTE ABOUT THE PROFICIENCY SCALE: Please ask your child to explain the “apple tree metaphor” (seed, seedling, tree, fruiting apple tree). It important for us to honour our efforts in every stage of the learning continuum.

I’m excited about next week when the students will be invited to mark samples of MY OWN GRADE 4 WRITING that my mom saved for me for the last three decades. (The more practice students get thinking critically and assessing “like a teacher”, the more they learn to coach themselves.) 🌈

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  1. It is wonderful to see students getting the chance to see what is possible as good effective writing. What writer’s tools enhance meaning or explaination? Great work.

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