Exploring Canadian Government, the Election & Leadership

Our class has been exploring the role, responsibilities and structure of government in Canada (at the municipal, provincial and federal levels).

With the Federal Election happening this last week, we had natural opportunity to learn about the process and the candidates’ priorities. Students completed a reference chart based on their own interpretation of the candidates platforms Two notable resources we used included https://studentvote.ca/ and https://pollenize.org/en/elections/canada-2021

The students found it valuable to see video of the candidates discussing their priorities, values and commitments towards making their own informed judgments.

We discussed the question, “What are you looking for in the next leader of Canada?” Students were also invited to choose how to share their learning: either orally for the group or 1-to-1 with the teacher, or in written form,

On Monday, Mme Small’s class hosted the “Student Vote” in order to give students the experience of voting. Check out the photos below to see the results of our school election.

We will continue to explore the theme of Leadership throughout the year—especially as it relates to and can be expressed in students’ own lives.

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