Wolves continued!

Today in division 2 we continued exploring wolves and what we can learn from them. Students had a rich dialogue about this question: If our class is like a wolf pack, then how can we each contribute to help our wolf pack be happy, healthy and successful? (NOTE: See yesterday’s post for a tutorial on how we painted the wolves.)

Then each student reflected upon his/her own unique contributions to our positive class culture. I introduced the supporting framework and ideas below and we discussed them. I encouraged students to feel free to borrow and build upon the ideas and frameworks as needed but to personalize their writing. I provide this step-by-step instruction to teach students a writing process they can emulate in time with independence. I believe that scaffolding learning with clear examples and strategies is an important the way we can see the greatest growth in young writers.

After they wrote their drafts, I met with students one-to-one in writing conferences to discuss ideas and provide feedback and suggestions for editing.

The result was a wall full of thoughtful, well-structured paragraphs about so many ways our wonderful students share their great skills, qualities, and ongoing care and effort to keep our class “wolf pack” strong. Wow! This was a fabulous effort by all! See below.

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