Historical Inquiry, Division & Figurative Language

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today in math we reviewed division and applied our understanding in various real world contexts.

We reviewed the steps for solving a word problem: (1.) Read the word problem; (2.) Underline key words; (3.) Create a number sentence; (4.) Solve the problem and show your work; (5.) Write your answer as a complete sentence; (6.) Check that your answer and your sentence make sense and actually answer the question being asked. We practiced talking through how to solve 12 different division word problems together as a class and then students did some independent practice and created more of their own questions.

After recess and some review of our Social Studies learning on the fur trade, we turned to Language Arts and went deeper into the topic of “figurative language”. We checked our understanding of similes and metaphors by creating and discussing the merits of some new examples together.

After lunch, students were treated to an exciting Social Studies lesson by Mr. Cairns who brought in a chest of special historical items for students to explore and analyze. Students discussed what they believe the purpose and significance of the objects was. This was a fascinating “object-based inquiry” made possible by a lovely educational kit provided on loan from the Royal BC Museum.

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