Figurative Language!

Hello! Congratulations to all division 2 students for their efforts in our division unit. We had our unit quiz today, and I can see the wonderful growth in learning. I am proud of you!

A reminder that we will offer a division unit quiz rewrite (or Math Meeting) next week for students who request that opportunity. *I ask that students spend time at home reviewing their class worksheets and our blog tutorials and get help from family and/or myself after school before attempting a rewrite. We want to make sure we have done the work to be able to achieve and celebrate growth.

Today we had fun exploring figurative language! Students worked together to reflect upon, compare and sort various examples of metaphors, similes and literal statements. Midway we did some “formative assessment” to check our understanding through a call-out activity and review quiz, and then students began to apply their learning by using figurative language when writing letters to people they care about and admire.

We discussed the assignment’s basic criteria and reviewed an example letter, and then I invited students to apply their creativity to express themselves in the ways they saw fit.

This lesson was another effort towards empowering students to access a broader palette of literary tools in their fiction and non-fiction writing. I am excited to see how they translate this new knowledge when writing metaphorical “I Am” poems next week! Our division 2 writers are so thoughtful and imaginative!

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