Fractions, Sewing & Book Talks

Welcome back! Today we launched the week with our new unit on fractions. We started from the basics, identifying that a fraction is a part of a whole.

The bottom number (denominator) tells us how many parts the whole is divided into and the top number (numerator) says how many parts we have.

Homework: Students will be bringing home a “Fractions Placemat”. Students should explain to family members what they learned about fractions today. (Teaching others is great reinforcement of learning.)

We also began our sewing lessons today! We established our safety systems and guidelines, and then students watched me demo some skills. Then they began practicing what they learned. Everyone is doing a great job!

In the afternoon in Language Arts, we began work on our “Book Talks”. I played the following video that I made for students as an example of a Book Talk that would meet all of the criteria. We reviewed and discussed the Book Talk template and the Assessment sheet in depth with examples, so students can feel clear on the expectations. Then students had a work period to begin planning their talk; I circulated the room to answer questions and support students one-to-one in planning. *If you have time this week, please invite your child to practice presenting his/her book talk to you.

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