Puppet Trading Post, Book Talk, etc.

Hello, division 2 families! I have to brag to you about how amazing your kids are—and what they did that made my day…

As you know, we have been learning about the fur trade in Social Studies; and in Art/ADST we have been making puppets. Well, students have been bringing in lots of interesting fabric pieces, socks, buttons, ribbon, etc., and sharing these with each other. These supplies have become highly sought after resources!

So a few students made a fun connection after being inspired by Canadian fur trading posts. They set up their own “PUPPET SUPPLY TRADING POST” to help systematize fair distribution of their supplies.

What a brilliant cross-curricular connection! We are seeing meaningful bartering happen in class, and some students are offering their puppet-making and sewing services to others and posting their little “store front signs”. It’s fun to see! Someone noted that it’s nice and different that no animals were harmed in our “puppet fur trade” — puppet pelts are definitely vegan!

When students link their historical learning to their own lives and have fun in the process, it’s a teacher’s dream come true! (When I teach the fur trade to new students next year, I will definitely time it to line up with puppet making again!)

Also, today we enjoyed so more book talks by the students. All the talks have been really well done and are motivating students to want to read more!

We also did a re-write of the Division quiz today, and had an optional math enrichment quiz on the topics of exponents and order of operations (BEDMAS). Lots of great thinking happened in our class today!

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  1. This is awesome! Matthew was so excited to take on this project, glad to see they are taking it in new and exciting directions.


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