Geology, Human Rights & Time Travel Trading Cards…

Hi, Division 2 families!

Yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful geology lesson presented by Science Venture! The students identified rocks based on their properties, and also played a game identifying and extracting “minerals” for play money. It was lots of fun and a great cross-curricular connection with our recent math learning!

Today, after exploring the topics of futuristic cars and leopards in our Language Arts reading comprehension activity, students were challenges to invent their own math games using play money.

In the afternoon, we learned some more about the history of human rights violations in Canada, specifically related to Japanese internment camps. Students heard the stories from this source:

As well, we learned about the history of Canada’s first Japanese Garden and Tea House in Esquimalt and how the Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society is advancing an initiative to restore this site, which had been destroyed during WWII.

We also spent some more time creating “Time Travellers’ Trading Cards”. Here is some more information and a sneak peek at the project. We have discussed the importance of ensuring historical accuracy and being culturally aware and making appropriate illustration choices.

Please Share Your Ideas, Questions, Comments, etc.

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