We shared an amazing year…

Dear students and families of division 2,

My heart is overflowing with a bittersweet happiness and pride today—we shared our last day in class as division 2. I’m so incredibly proud of how far each student has come, and I can see the world is in wonderful hands with these young leaders.

First, I must say an enormous THANK YOU! Thank you for the thoughtful cards, gifts, gift cards and moments of connection that were so special this week. I was so moved by the lovely video the class created for me—and I am going to have a luxurious time with my over the top generous gift card for Charelli’s. Students, you know I love cheese—so what a perfect group gift.

My own inquiry as a teacher this year grew from the questions of “What makes me feel seen?” and “How can I help my students and colleagues feel seen?” I’ve been reflecting, having conversations with folks, trying to find new and meaningful ways to help those in my life truly feel understood and appreciated. This the gift the world needs right now. So I asked my grade 4/5 students on the last day of class if they wanted to do one last philosophical dialogue. Here are the powerful words they shared.

There is more to say, but for now—if you are feeling a little bit nostalgic or even sad that the year is over, please remember that nothing can erase the powerful imprint we have had on one another’s hearts and minds. We grew together this year as a “wolf pack” and in a way we are an extended family. Always feel free to reach out to me by email or social media and know that I am cheering you on!

Please Share Your Ideas, Questions, Comments, etc.

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