Hello, Division 4!

We are off to a wonderful start in division 4! I am so happy to be your teacher this year. We have such caring, creative, fun, and helpful students in our class, and it has been so nice to see them collaborate and make new friends with one another.

We have started our year with some stories, discussion, brainstorming together, art activities, gym class, games, music class, writing activities and more. We have jumped right into our math learning with some initial open-ended assessments, a review unit on how to tell time, math stories, and problem solving challenges as desired. We have established a fun an motivating end-of-day “Centres” time where students meet a range of curricular goals by choosing from selection of fun hands-on activities that challenge their critical and creative thinking, while fostering collaboration and communication skills.

There is so much more to share with you about our classroom, such as routines, practices and schedules and what we are learning. However, I will hold off on sending home much more information until things are finalized with our Gym, Music, Library and other classes.

For now, I invite families and students to please enjoy exploring and discussing these photos together. Here are some questions you might pose to your division 4 student…

-What are you enjoying most about your class this year?

-What can you tell me about “Centres Time”?

-How do you store your belongings in class?

-What novel have you been reading in class?

-What can you tell me about “Class Jobs”?

-What are “tiny artworks”?

-How does “cozy reading” work?

-What are some of the routines you have in class?


  1. This is great! Love the classroom set up and the question suggestions are much appreciated. Helps move the “How was your day – it was fine” conversation forward and get some details 😀

    Have a good school year all!

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