“If I were teacher for a day…”

This Friday, the learning in division 4 began with independent reading and then storytelling practice in small groups. Then in Math class, we gamified reviewing place value using “base ten blocks” and continued work on a more challenging word problem involving finding the possible dimensions of a patio built with 75 tiles.

Our writing activity today focussed on this question: “What would you do if you were the teacher of our class for a day?” I invited students to be playful, and we called this writing challenge a “fantasy edition” where the limits of time and space do not have to apply.

Our pre-writing activity was small group brainstorming around the topic and each group’s recorder posted their ideas on the flip chart to inspire others. Then, students had 30 minutes to quietly write a sequenced paragraph that started with the sentence stem and was structured with transition words. I encouraged students to be imaginative and to do their best to spell difficult words on their own.

“If I were teacher for a day…” – illustrated

The students ideas were so fun to read! I offered that if any students wanted to record themselves reading their work, I would post it on the blog and choose one recording at random and add graphics to it for fun. Enjoy!

In the afternoon, we explored Terry Fox’s contributions with a video, discussion, and art activity—there will be more on that posted next week. Students came home with some fundraising forms as well. Below you can see the link to the Terry Fox video we watched.

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