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Hi, division 4 families!

What a fun day! We have now started a “storytelling” unit to foster students’ creative thinking and oral language skills. We did some small group storytelling activities as well as a collaborative game of “Story Ball” in the beautiful outdoor classroom. It’s great to see so many students eager to speak up and try telling an impromptu story!

STORY BALL: This is a fun game where we collaborate to tell a story by building it one sentence at a time with each toss of the ball.

As well, today we practices how to tell time, did some review of place value, and explored some more problem solving involving calculating elapsed time.

We also enjoyed investing time getting to know one another and building social connections. The students have been learning about their “Multiple Intelligences”, and here is an instructional video I made to give students and families and overview. We learn about Multiple Intelligence theory to give students more precise language to describe their strengths and to foster self-confidence and growth mindset.

As well, the students have the now completed their wonderful “Heart Maps” and “Identity Maps”. Below you can see my instructional video, which explains the project concept. Keep scrolling and you will see the detailed and lovely artworks the students made to communicate who they are.

Here are some questions you could ask your children…

-How do you play “Story Ball”? Can you show me?

-How is your independent reading practice going? What novel are you reading now?

-Did you do any of the “centres” today? Which ones?

-What happened in the school assembly?

-What are some things you illustrated on your “Heart Map” or “Identity Map”?

-What is a digit? What is place value?

-In the number 78 561, which digit is in the thousands place?

For further study, here is a video that reviews the concept of place value:


  1. So happy to see what you are up to in class! Being a social worker, I am big into talking about your inner life adn your feelings (too much if you ask Brynn!) Thank you! I can’t wait to see Brynn’s identify map and heart map

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  2. These videos are a great resource for parents and kids alike. Thanks for helping us open the conversations at home. So grateful our son has a chance to learn with you this year.

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  3. I would like to say thank you so much for your passionate class in advance. Watching the video you sent me, I had an opportunity to talk about her genuine intelligence with my daughter. In addition, talking about the identity map that she drew made me think about what she had among the nine intelligences. I’m rooting for you, who have a creative way of teaching and make me look at my Jenny once again. Thank you.

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