Subtraction, Animal Paragraphs & Echolocation

Happy Halloween!

In division 4 in Math class, we are now exploring multi-digit subtraction both with and without regrouping (or “borrowing”). You can see the video below for a review of the process.

HOMEWORK: I asked students to bring their Math duo-tangs home over the next few days to complete any unfinished work, and review subtraction with a family member as homework.

In Language Arts today, we reviewed the list of Halloween spelling words that the students had brainstormed together last week. Students have been using these words when writing Halloween-themed paragraphs and poems. We will have a Spelling quiz on Friday.

In our writing lesson for the day, we continued learning about how to form well-organized paragraphs. To warm up our minds for the lesson, I began by sharing the video below about bald eagles, and we discussed our background knowledge and personal connections.

Then, we read an example of a paragraph I created about eagles. I pointed out the paragraph’s hook, topic sentence, use of transition words, development of three ideas, and conclusion. I showed how the conclusion summarizes the three ideas of the paragraph.

Next, I gave students the framework that the above paragraph was built upon. We discussed how this paragraph framework can be used to communicate about other types of animals.

We then read and discussed three more examples of well-structured animal paragraphs, and I shared another fill-in-the-blank paragraph framework. See below.

Over the next week, I will ask students to (1.) choose an inspiring animal, (2.) use library books to find facts about this animal, and (3.) write a well-structured paragraph about the animal that includes all of the features described above (hook, topic sentence, transition words, three big ideas described in detail, and a meaningful conclusion).

Students are welcome to use either of the two frameworks above to build their paragraphs.

The expectation is that students will use interesting vocabulary and correct spelling and conventions (proper capitalization, grammar, and punctuation).

Students will have had several hours of class time to complete this assignment in class by the end of day on Wednesday. They will have ongoing support from myself and two other educators. Students who do not complete a good copy of the paragraph will be asked to bring the paragraph home to complete; the good copy due date is the morning of Thursday, Nov. 3.

In our Science unit about the senses, we have turned focus to bats and their echolocation ability. Students will have a quiz on this tomorrow, and we did a review in class today in preparation.

And lastly, here are some photos from our ADST block today….

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