Latte Science, Echolocation Quiz + Experiment, and Animal Paragraphs

Hello, division 4 families!

This morning we had a delivery of pears and milk as a part of the healthy food program. So, we spontaneously extended our “Bubble Science” learning and enjoyed the process of making caffeine-free, cinnamon lattes (apple cinnamon tea bag plus 2% milk)! We observed the aerating/stretching of the milk to form silky bubbles and remembered the role of fat and protein globules in maintaining the surface tension that forms bubbles.

We spent 50 minutes in math today with more direct instruction and role modelling of how to subtract multi-digit numbers, both with and without regrouping…and across zeros. (For example, what is 5000 – 3471?)

In the afternoon, we continued working on our “animal paragraphs” in class. The draft copy is due tomorrow morning. Please see the last blog post for examples and criteria. We will work on good copies of these paragraphs tomorrow.

We also did an echolocation experiment to get a sense of how bats can use this ability to gain information about their environments, find prey, avoid predators, and communicate. We reviewed the unit content again and then students wrote a quiz that they brought home today.

Reminder: We have a spelling test on Friday. To practice, students can bring home their spelling workbooks (but must bring them back to class every day). Or, find the word list in the previous blog posts.

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