Box Method Multiplication, Hatchet, Forces of Flight & Coding

Happy Wednesday!

Today we learned another method for doing multi-digit multiplication: “The Box Method”.

HOMEWORK: I have asked students to teach a family member how to do 41 x 35 using the box method this evening.

If the student is struggling, please watch this video together, which shows how to use the Box Method to find the correct answer.

Alternatively, you may prefer to watch this video tutorial…

You can use the Box Method for 2-digit by 3-digit multiplication or 3-digit by 3-digit multiplication…just adjusts the box dimensions accordingly.

In Language Arts today, we began our novel study on Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen. Exploring this great classic novel we will embrace chances to foster peer dialogue and teach critical thinking and analysis skills and new vocabulary. Even students who have read Hatchet before will experience the novel like never before; as well, we have a grade 8 level Hatchet Challenge resource that students can explore for enrichment.

In term three, students will do their own in-depth literature studies—but before I dare assign this larger project, I will teach every single step in the process to ensure everyone can achieve independent success. With structure, modelling, and lots of examples, students can learn to do amazing things!

In the afternoon in Science, we asked the question: How do planes fly? We learned the plane needs four forces working together to fly. These are the four forces of flight: lift (upward force) thrust (forward push), gravity and drag (air resistance, which is friction caused by air rubbing against a plane). We learned about Bernoulli’s principle that states that as the speed of a gas increases, the pressure it exerts decreases. We also watched several YouTube videos about the four forces of flight.

Then division 4 enjoyed the opportunity to do coding in the library.

Ozobot in action!

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