Bernoulli’s Principle & Purple Park

Hello, division 4 families!

Today in Science we explored more about forces and Bernoulli’s Principle. We will have a quiz on the Forces of Flight next Monday. Next Tuesday, we will have a multi-digit multiplication quiz (box method and traditional method).

What did you observe in our experiment today? Explain what is happening and why?

We continued on with our Hatchet novel study, enjoyed Orff instruments in music class. Then we had a wonderful walking field trip with our Buddy class to “Purple Park”. It was great to see grade 4/5 students practicing their leadership skills while mentoring the kindergarten students.

Then we wrapped up the day learning more about our upcoming Salish Sea field trip happening on Tuesday, February 7th. Information and permission forms will be coming home tomorrow. The grade 4 students will join Ms. Tebo’s class on the bus and boat trip to Fisherman’s wharf to ride an Eagle Wing boat ride in the morning. Then our grade 5s will join Ms. Mills’ class and Tracy (our EA) on an afternoon trip. (We had to spread out our class since there can only be about 40 people per boat.).

We will be asking for 4 parent/guardian volunteers to join on the two boat—please fill out the form I send home tomorrow if you’d like to come. If we have more volunteers than we have spaces, then we will randomly choose volunteers by lottery. We will also need some parent/guardian drivers help bring grade 5 students home after the afternoon trip. More information coming soon.

If you’re wondering what this trip will be like, here is a video I took of my son and I doing an Eagle Wing tour in August of 2021. This is the same kind of boat and wildlife possible for viewing. It will be a wonderful, cold trip in February, so we will all need to bundle up in many layers.

Ms. Poirier’s Salish Sea trip in 2021 with Eagle Wing.


  1. Impressed to hear that the class is learning about Bernoulli’s principle already! I didn’t learn this until my first year of engineering!!

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