Math Update!

Hello, Div. 4 families!

Link to Ms. Poirier’s Math Tutorials:

Please visit (and bookmark) this link.

This above link is the location where I will continue to add all of the MATH TUTORIAL VIDEOS that I make (and find) to help students to learn and practice math at home. I will continue adding videos to that link above to help you find them in the future—so you don’t have to hunt through past blog posts to find them.

Today I sent home with students a package of their recent math quizzes, along with a letter from me indicating their performance in math so far this term. Please sign and return the letter (keep the quizzes for studying) so that I know the package came home to you.

Here are a few (but not all) of the recent videos…

Please help your child to visit (and bookmark) this link:

Please Share Your Ideas, Questions, Comments, etc.

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