Giant Map & Division

Hello, division 4 families!

On Friday, we had a special Social Studies lesson to grow our knowledge of oceans and how to use maps. The giant map shown below was on loan from the Royal BC Museum. Students had the chance to explore it on their own and formulate their own questions. We had tape measures and ropes for students to practice making good estimates of distance. For example, the ropes were helpful in estimating the the length of meandering rivers and the perimeter of irregularly shaped islands and coastlines. Students practiced their research skills using the Chromebooks to find trustworthy sources of information to help them answer their own questions. Ask your children what they noticed and wondered about our big map!

Here are the spelling/vocabulary challenge words we are exploring. Students are incorporating the words into their current poetry assignment about the Salish Sea

We have started our new math unit in division now. We started with review of grade 2/3/4 concepts today, and students used math manipulatives to create their own division questions. As well; I peppered in division enrichment questions for those who were ready for a challenge. We discussed and demonstrated the difference between division as equal sharing and division as equal grouping. For more explanation of this, you can see the video below and/or click this link:

Division: Equal Sharing & Equal Grouping
Math Enrichment: Answers will vary depending on how many hours you think it is reasonable to walk per day and per week.

Please Share Your Ideas, Questions, Comments, etc.

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