Engineering, Art, Dancing & “Wave”!

Hello, division 4 families!

This has been an exciting wrap up to another creative week! On Wednesday, we shared our biome diorama progress with five other classes in the library—students got lots of new ideas and celebrated the learning by sharing their Salish Sea poems. That afternoon, students enjoyed learning more about the design process with some engineering challenges set up by Ms. Mueller in the library.

Division 4 students have had a lot going on in Arts Education this week, including writing and practicing the plays they wrote to perform next Monday.

More close-up photos coming next week!

As well, we enjoyed creating art inspired by the book “Ben the Sea Lion”, by Roy Henry Vickers—more to come on that next week. (I will post individual artwork photos when everyone’s is complete.)

We wrapped up this fun Friday afternoon with a 1-hour bonus “Choice Block” that the students earned for their hard work polishing their work on the Salish Sea poetry unit. They unanimously voted to spend this time on a game of “Wave” outside. When it got too rainy for the last ten minutes, we came in and kept moving with a silly dance party! It was a fun Friday!

A sneak peek at progress on the biome dioramas…

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