Setting Healthy Boundaries

Hello, division 4 families!

In Career Education we have been exploring goal-setting and skills for successful interpersonal relationships. In Physical & Health Education students have learning been to research and define “healthy living” for themselves.

Today we combined these two areas and considered these questions: What does it mean to have healthy boundaries in relationships? What does it look like/sound like/feel like to have healthy boundaries in relationships? What can we say and do to establish and maintain healthy boundaries in a variety of types of relationships?

We read and discussed the message of the classic book “The Giving Tree”, by Shel Silverstein.

Then we compared the story with this retelling of the book by Topher Payne, called “The Tree Who Set Healthy Boundaries”. The students had rich discussion in small groups to analyze the related (but different) messages of the two books.

The students brainstormed their own examples of situations where healthy boundaries might need to be re-enforced. For each situation, they were challenged to think of various possible responses that might reinstate a healthy boundary. We discussed how it is important to consider the history and context of the relationship. We discussed examples of how sometimes humour may be used to effectively diffuse tension when re-asserting a healthy boundary. We also discussed how sometimes you may need to seek help from a trusted adult or friend when your boundaries have been crossed. The goal of this learning activity was to encourage students to think more clearly about how to define and maintain appropriate boundaries for themselves and others.

HOMEWORK: Perhaps ask your child, “What does it means to set heathy boundaries in a friendship? Can you give an example of something a friend might to that would cross a healthy boundary for you? What could you do to re-establish a healthy boundary with that friend to feel better in the friendship?” *It could be fun and meaningful to watch the above story videos together and discuss!

Please Share Your Ideas, Questions, Comments, etc.

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