Field Trip Details!

Hello, division 4 families!

Where does our water come from?

What can we do to help ensure a clean, plentiful supply of water for years to come?

Thank you for returning signed permission forms for your child to participate in our field trip to the CRD Water Supply Area on Thursday, April 13th. Please see the attached itinerary to see more about how we will spend our learning time.

This trip will deepen our understanding of Science and Social Studies curriculum related to water systems and natural resource management.

A free round trip bus is provided by the CRD, and it will depart from our school at 9:00am. We will return to before approximately 12:45pm.

We will be hosted by Kathy and Claire, who work with CRD Integrated Water Services who work in the Watershed Protection Div.


No parent/guardian drivers are needed; however, we need ONE MORE parent/guardian volunteer to join us as a supervisor (taking the bus with us). In addition to the two CRD staff, we will have at least 4 adult supervisors for 24 students (1:6 adult to student ratio).

Thank you to Eric (Leo’s dad), Melissa (Levi’s mom), and Matt (Remi’s dad) who are now confirmed to join as parent volunteers.

*PLEASE EMAIL MS.POIRIER IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN OUR TRIP. If we have more volunteers than we need to fill the two spaces, I will do a random draw of names to select the volunteers and two back-up names in case a chosen volunteer is unable to join at the last minute. This trip will go forward with adequate supervision. Email:

*The area and our tour will not open to the public, and so we will not be able to accommodate additional parents even if they drive.

Location of the Water Tour

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