Time Travel, Perimeter & Area

Welcome back! Our division 4 students enjoyed a “soft start” with 35 minutes of reading to get into a new novel. Then we reviewed how to find perimeter and area. Please see our video below to help students practice their own questions at home.

Great news! We are starting a fun, new fantastical interdisciplinary unit on one of our favourite topics: TIME TRAVEL! We began with small table group brainstorm discussion of what we already know about the concept and our own connections.

Next, I began reading aloud the first two chapters of a fun time travelling-themed novel, “Time Cat” by Lloyd Alexander.

Students were invited to doodle their ideas for time machines while they listened to the novel.

As well, we enjoyed seeing some wonderful biome presentations! We invite you to check out the project work done by these hardworking, creative students seen below. We have finish all biome presentations this week.

Please Share Your Ideas, Questions, Comments, etc.

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