Police, Wellness & Dioramas

Hello, division 4 families!

Here are some more highlights from our recent learning. Yesterday morning we enjoyed some connections to the PHE and Career Ed. curriculum through a visit from police officers from the Victoria Police Department. They gave us life-saving safety tips and inspired us to think about how we can work together to keep our city safe—it was a useful insight into the law enforcement profession as well.

Yesterday afternoon we had our school’s LST teacher Mrs. Ritchie present a workshop to us on “wellness”, which explored concepts related to mental, physical, and emotional health and identifying zones of regulation.

We also continued our “biome diorama presentations” and learned so much from our hardworking, creative classmates!

In Language Arts, we have continue our novel study on the book “Time Cat”, while also learning more about narrative structure and different types of conflict in stories. Students also had a chance to put their learning into practice with more oral storytelling in small groups using cat figurines for inspiration.

In Math, we are wrapping up our “Perimeter & Area” unit, and students have been doing various quizzes and assessments. Please see previous posts for tutorial videos examples of questions.

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