“Get to Know Your H2O”: Exploring the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area

Today our class travelled to the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area for a special day of outdoor learning in Science and Social Studies.

The Greater Victoria Water Supply Area is a large forested environment that is the source of our region’s tap water and that is generally restricted access.

Students saw the water supply reservoir and dam and learned how water gets from the reservoir to their taps and the systems in place to provide safe drinking water. Students also explored and learned about the watershed ecosystem, climate, sustainability, and the importance of personal and social responsibility for drinking water.

It was meaningful to see and learn about the connections between the water collection points and the important technical equipment involved in disinfecting water at the UV treatment facility…before this valuable resource arrives in our taps at home!

A huge thank you to our kind and knowledgeable tour guides,
Kathy and Claire, as well as our parent volunteers, Matt and Melissa!
We appreciate you supporting our learning!

Our Itinerary

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