Fractions, Skating, Karate & More!

Happy Monday, division 4 families!

Today we began our new unit on fractions. Please see the videos and questions below to get a sense of our math learning today.

In Language Arts, we enjoyed a beautifully illustrated retelling of an Inuit story, “The Orphan and the Polar Bear”. We also reviewed our learning of how to correctly use quotation marks when writing dialogue in stories.

In the afternoon, the grade fives went on a field trip skating at Oak Bay Rec, while the grade fours enjoyed a gym class and then we turned our class into a “dojo” for an introduction to karate. We learned about this history of this martial art and practiced some stretching and safety principles and techniques for a correctly formed straight punch.

All martial arts practiced in our class are strictly non-contact, the emphasis of our learning is self-discipline, self-confidence, self-defence, and safety.

Students also enjoyed a bit of time today to show off their “freestyle” fitness moves! It’s so fun to be active in many different ways!

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