Cardboard Challenge, Decimals, Circulatory System & Story Editing

Today we had a blast with our ADST cardboard challenge that our librarian, Ms. Mueller, facilitated. Thank you so much for bringing in cardboard! The challenge was to use the design process to come up with an idea for a “robot” that could solve a problem. Students used cardboard and special “safety cutters”, bread clips, twist ties, elastics, and creativity to make model robots.

In Math, we are continuing to learn about fractions, while also exploring the topics of decimals and money. We have been using peer support activities, discussion, games, colourful manipulatives, and a variety of videos to help us understand the concepts.

In Science, we just wrapped up a unit on the Circulatory System.

In Language Arts, we have been continuing with our class novel study of “Time Cat”, by Lloyd Alexander. Taking inspiration from that story, students have invested lots of creativity and time into writing their own stories about time travelling cats. We are emphasizing a thorough and facilitated proofreading process that involves passing story drafts by multiple editing partners for specific feedback. We have discussed how all writers need editing support and that this is an important learning process itself—not just for the purpose of perfecting a story.

This is a SAMPLE of a peer editing sheet.

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