Student-Led Conferences: Wed., May 3rd

Hello, division 4 families!

We hope this blog has been a helpful way for you to feel informed and connected to your child’s learning this school year. Yet, here is another fun opportunity…

We are excited to open our classroom to you and your child this Wednesday, May 3rd from 2:50pm to 6:00pm for STUDENT-LED CONFERENCES. This is an “Open House”-style event with no set appointment times.

These conferences are led by students, and I will be in the room to welcome you, smile, and join you in feeling proud of your child! (For confidentiality reasons, I will not be able to use this time to discuss your child’s performance or needs since the room will be busy. However, please feel free to email to request an individual appointment if needed.)

Arrive when you can, but please note the classroom will be especially busy between 5-6pm. The event ends at 6pm sharp. (However, please feel free to visit our class another time if that works better with your schedule, and/or ask your child to bring home their work to do a “student led conference” at home if you like.)

Using the checklist below, students have practiced being a conference host by role-playing with their classmates. Below is a sneak peek at the plan for the conferences…

Please Share Your Ideas, Questions, Comments, etc.

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